Hawaiian Holidays Get Political

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A Hawaii federal judge’s decision to block the second edition of Trump’s travel ban has turned exotic vacations into a political statement for some Americans.

Trump supporters who disagree with the decision are urging a boycott of the islands, while anti-Trumpers say a holiday there will be improved if supporters stay away.

Honolulu U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson was the first to block Trump's executive order, which would temporarily ban travellers from six predominantly Muslim countries.

Watson ruled that the president's executive order was not significantly different from the previous version, and used the president's own words as evidence that it targeted Muslims.

The ruling triggered a wave of outrage among Trump supporters, who turned to Twitter to call for a boycott of Hawaii.

 Here are some samples

  • Let's see if liberal judicial ideology is more important than tourist revenues to the state of Hawaii. #BoycottHawaii
  • I was taking my kids & Grandkids to Hawaii. We just cancelled. Your Judge threatens our safety. #BoycottHawaii
  • Hawaii overrated. Lived there for 3 years. Cost of living ridiculous and I hate jellyfish. #BoycottHawaii

And here’s what some anti-Trump tweeters had to say: 

  • Trump's travel ban is derailing US tourism but the #BoycottHawaii or promise of a TrumpFreeZone is making it one of the hottest destinations.
  • Just woke up to #BoycottHawaii. LMAO because paradise just got even better! Aloha!
  • You guys would hate it there anyway, everyone is friendly and cares about the environment. #BoycottHawaii

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