Hotel Housekeeper Finds Slithery Surprise

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While cleaning a room at the Marriott Residence Inn in Worcester, Massachusetts, a member of the housekeeping staff opened a drawer and found a big surprise -- a 5-foot juvenile reticulated python. That’s right – a 5-foot juvenile.

Animal Control was summoned and took the python to a pet supply shop, where it was deemed to be in good health. (There’s no mention of the health of the housekeeper.)

“He may be two years old but he’s not an old snake,” said the Rod Dzivasen, the pet shop’s owner. “Why on earth they had him in a hotel room is beyond me.”

The snake, officials speculated, was probably not in the room alone for long. The person renting the room had checked out the prior evening and it’s believed the reptile belonged to that person, police said, though it’s likely no one will be charged with abandoning the snake.

Dzivasen says the snake did seem a bit nervous when he was first turned over, and “did nip one person,” but has otherwise been calm.

He said the snake’s unusual colouring, a creamy background with bands of yellow and brown, comes from breeding. Specific colour traits are bred into the snakes, making them more desirable and often more expensive.

Which begs the question: why would someone leave one in a hotel room? Did they just forget, like the guy who left another 5-footer under a bag on a recent commuter flight in Alaska?

Dzivasen says reticulated pythons are “usually pretty docile.” If we found a snake like that in a hotel room, docile is the last thing we would be.

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