Tipping The TSA – Pax Left Over $1 Million In U.S. Airports Last Year

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That’s not small change: airline passengers left behind over US$867,000 ($1.15 million), mostly in coins, at TSA checkpoints across the U.S. last year.

In their rush to catch flights (and likely relief at making it through security), travellers also left behind laptops, cellphones, jewellery and other valuable items in the plastic bins used to scan their belongings.

But the most common leave-behind is coins, sometimes by accident, sometimes because it just doesn’t amount to much. But when it’s all sorted and counted, it adds up to quite a bit.

For its fiscal year 2016, the Transportation Security Administration reported that passengers left behind more than US$867, 812.39 in coins and currency in the plastic bowls and bins at various U.S. airport checkpoints.

That number has been steadily climbing. The 2016 figures is about US$102,000 more than the amount left behind in 2015. In 2011 the number was US$489,000

"There is no real way for TSA to know why this happens," spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein told CNBC. "It makes sense to point to an increase in the number of travellers as one likely reason, but other than that, we have no theories."

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