Gun In The Loo & Other Dumb Traveller Stories

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Quite a haul. 

A forgetful federal air marshal left a loaded gun in the bathroom of a transatlantic flight. The weapon was discovered by a passenger, who passed it on to a crew member, who returned it to the marshal. Happily, no one was injured during the process.

The incident took place aboard DL flight 221, which departed MAN for JFK earlier this month.

The TSA confirmed an incident took place but gave no further information and a DL spokesman also declined to provide details.

John Casaretti, president of the Air Marshal Association, says new air marshals should be given more on the job training.

"These rare incidents must be thoroughly investigated and local managers should take appropriate corrective action. A field training officer program and thorough mentorship of new officers can reduce similar performance issues," Casaretti said.

"Air marshals work in punishing conditions, labour under poor leadership and have seen their law enforcement functions curtailed by an administration that lacks vision. The problem is not the air marshals, it's the TSA."

Well, that’s possibly true, but how much training does it take to not leave a loaded gun in the toilet?

Meanwhile, a U.S. traveller at LGA managed to get himself arrested twice in two days for attempting to sneak weapons on a flight.

Michael Rios Jr., aged 25 of Bangor, Maine was arrested last Friday after TSA screeners spotted a knife and metal knuckles in his carry-on bag. These were confiscated and he was then released.

He returned the following morning, this time carrying an air pistol, six knives and throwing stars. He cleverly hid the arsenal in a container this time, but TSA screeners prevailed and he was promptly arrested again.

He is now charged with criminal possession of a weapon. But we hereby convict him of being a dumbass.

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