More Air Rage: ANA Pax Punch Out

Open Jaw

Tired of all the air rage stories? Fasten your seat belt, because news of inflight confrontations are coming fast and furious. The latest fist fight takes place on the ground prior to take off in HDN aboard an ANA plane bound for LAX.

Two male passengers take frantic swings at each other, some visibly connecting in a video captured on board. According to witnesses, “Nobody knows why”.  

One man yells: “Someone help! This guy is crazy!”

While the other responds: “I’ll kill you!”

The diminutive All Nippon flight attendants are seen attempting to intervene and getting caught in the flying punches.

Ah. Nothing like settling into your seat for a quiet flight and a movie.

What is it about an aircraft that gives people license to violently act out their frustrations? Researchers speculate the confined area with a lack of personal space is a recipe for bad behaviour. Perhaps instead of seats, onboard boxing rings could be built. Let's ruuuuuuumble!!

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