Man Orders Gluten-Free Meal On ANA, Gets Banana

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Yes, that was a banana on his plate – but he wasn’t glad to see it.

Travellers are frequently disappointed by airline food – if they get any at all these days – but pity the passenger who ordered a gluten-free breakfast on a nine-hour flight and received a solitary banana.

Londoner Martin Pavelka claims the lonely banana was served to him on an ANA flight from NRT to SYD, the second leg of his trip to Australia.

The banana came with a sticker on it saying “GF” – for gluten free – and was served to him with a packet containing a knife, fork and salt.

Pavelka, who is coeliac, said he had been served an acceptable meal the previous evening. However, he was expecting something more substantial for breakfast.

“All other passengers were served a full breakfast meal consisting of eggs, sausage, mushrooms, bread, and yogurt,” he told the Evening Standard. “This was a nine-hour flight. Although definitely gluten-free, the banana did not keep me full for very long.”

Pavelka, who has complained to the airline, said other passengers were laughing as he discussed the underwhelming meal with a flight attendant.

“I think the stewardess realized something wasn’t right too,” he said. “The fault must be somewhere in management.”

All Nippon Airways told Telegraph Travel: “ANA takes great pride in providing an exemplary customer experience for all passengers, and for this one passenger we did not meet his expectations. We have apologized to him personally and as a result of his experience we are reviewing our policy on gluten free options and how they are served.”

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