Not A Fan Of Selfies? You’ll Really Hate ‘Belfies’

Open Jaw

An Instagram account titled ‘Cheeky Exploits’ now has over 200,000 followers. What are they following? Pictures of people’s naked posteriors, many of them taken in scenic travel locations.

The account description is as follows: “Making the world happier through butts. Spread the love!”

Visiting the Grand Canyon? Get your butt out and get someone to take your pic. It’s so much more interesting than some old geological formation.

Ask a friendly fellow traveller: “Would you mind taking a picture of me? Just wait a sec while I turn around and pull down my pants.”

Open Jaw took a stroll through more than 200 ‘belfies’ on Cheeky Exploits and noticed a couple of things: while there’s a mix of male and female, almost all of the butts are white, and most of them are quite young and perky. (Although one was completely covered in what could only be called a big ass tattoo, with emphasis on all three words.)

We can’t help but feel that an older gentleman lifting up his overcoat and requesting a photo of his naked bum would end up in prison or worse.

Anyway, who are we to judge? But we do offer a little advice to those who would take selfies of their nether lands, (perhaps in the Netherlands!) Have a little respect for local culture and sensitivities. Make sure there’s no one else around when you indulge in your cheeky habit. The crack of dawn might be a good time…

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