Emirates Apologizes For 'WTF' Email Sent To Pax

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There’s nothing quite like that sinking feeling when you realize you just sent a snarky email to the person you were being snarky about. Not that we’d know about that firsthand of course, but it happened to a friend…

Emirates has that feeling, after having to apologize to a passenger who received an offensive message after seeking compensation from the airline.

UK newspaper The Independent reports that Claire Finch, from Cheshire, applied for €600 in compensation after her Manchester-Dubai flight was delayed.

Her application was successful, but shortly after she received confirmation a second email arrived from the airline with the subject line "WTF ...".

The email continued: "... is she on about?!? If you've put it in the letter, what the fuk [sic] does she need to do!!!"

A third email arrived shortly afterwards, saying the sender 'would like to recall the message, 'WTF...''. Of course they would.

Finch complained to EK but received only a robotic acknowledgement, and after four weeks of waiting for a proper reply she contacted the newspaper.

Only after that did she received an apology letter from an Emirates executive.

"Naturally, I was most concerned to discover that you had inadvertently been copied on an inappropriate internal communication, which was unrelated to yourself or any other passenger," the letter said. (Uh-huh.)

"Please be assured that we do not condone such actions and this is not indicative of our high standards and the image which Emirates wishes to portray. I can confirm that this matter has already been dealt with internally with the employee concerned."

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