Oh Baby! Born On A Plane, Infant Gets Free Flights For Life

Bruce Parkinson, Open  Jaw

A woman from the Indian state of Kerala prematurely gave birth while on a Jet Airways flight on Sunday. The plane, with 162 passengers on board, was flying from Saudi Arabia to India.

When the expectant mother went into labour, the crew declared a medical emergency. The flight was then diverted to BOM.

But while the JQ plane was still 35,000 feet over the Arabian Sea, the mother was helped by crew members and a passenger nurse to deliver the baby.

The plane landed at BOM and both mother and the child were rushed to a hospital. The pair are reported to be in "stable condition".

As the first baby to be born on one of its flights, JQ announced that the child would get a free lifetime pass for any travel on the carrier.

At least five infants were born on commercial flights in the last year, but they don’t all come away with a golden ticket for lifelong free travel. 

Most carriers are stingier when it comes to air-born babies. Virgin Atlantic awarded a baby born onboard with free flights until the age of 21. Last year, a baby born on a Cebu Pacific Air flight from Dubai to Manila was given one million frequent flyer miles.

Shona Owen, a baby born on a British Airways flight from Ghana to London in 1990, was given complimentary first class tickets for her 18th birthday.

And, despite being named after the airline, Saw Jet Star – a child born on a Jetstar Asia flight from Singapore to Rangoon in early 2016 – received only $1,000 worth of baby supplies.

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