Naked Man Rescued After Jumping Off Brand-New Cruise Ship

Bruce Parkinson, Open  Jaw

A naked man jumped off the newest Aida cruise ship hours before it was even christened. Luckily for him, a local harbour pilot was nearby and was able to take him aboard.

The 24-year-old male passenger jumped from Aidaperla at around 6:30 AM, 30JUN, as the shiny new ship was entering port in Palma de Mallorca.

The reason the man jumped overboard is unclear but he had apparently spent the past week cruising with his grandmother. The vessel had arrived in port to complete its 7-day itinerary, and perhaps the sight of land was just too enticing.

The overboard incident on Aidaperla came just hours before the Germany-based ship was christened on the Spanish island. It departed on another cruise the following morning.

Aidaperla was built in Japan and is 300 meters long, 125,000 gross tons and carries over 3,200 guests. The ship is a sister to Aidaprima which was also built in Japan.

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