Agency Client Registers ‘Meaty’ Complaint

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Where's the beef?

Travel agents are no strangers to the occasional complaint from customers, but some are certainly stranger than others.

A Thomas Cook agent in Broughton, Wales was left stunned after a client came into the agency location brandishing a bag of meat that he claimed had been served to him on a Princess cruise ship.

The customer had brought home the “too fatty” prime beef rib he was served, along with a bit of gristle he claimed to have found in his shepherd’s pie. He apparently stored the well-travelled meat in his freezer before thawing it

Thomas Cook agent Debbie Edwards said she had “never seen anything like it” in her career. She said she “nearly threw up” when she was confronted with the meat. Her colleague Nicky Millington concurred: “We couldn’t believe it when he came in. We thought ‘why not just take a picture?’”

Edwards says she has never seen anything like this before in her 20-year travel retail career.

“He was obviously upset, so we are going to take it through the official complaints process on behalf of him as a customer, but we have asked that he just takes some pictures and writes a letter.”

A spokesman for the cruise line said: “Princess Cruises will respond if information is forwarded by the customer or agent.”

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