Mile-High Smile: We Know What You Were Doing

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Busted! A short video posted on Facebook shows a woman and a man leaving a Virgin Atlantic aircraft toilet, one after the other – the woman looking furtive, the man with a knowing look.

We know what they were doing!

The video has attracted almost 9 million views.

David Eve filmed the pair during a flight from LHR to MIA last week, on American Independence Day.

“Wait, was, wasn’t there just two people in there?” Eve wrote on Facebook. “Naughty Americans.”

Virgin Atlantic posted Eve’s video on its Facebook page, commenting “We’re pretty sure that’s our plane! The mood lighting certainly put a smile on their faces… #smilehighclub”

The couple were certainly a lot more discreet about it than that pair on FR last month, who (as one news report put it) “joined the ‘mile-high club’ without using the restroom.” They just did it in their seats, while one male passenger filmed the encounter, and a female sharing the row reportedly asked to change seats.

By the way, if you search ‘mile-high’ on, you’ll find 14 results in the Deviations sections of the site. We’d be embarrassed by that, except for the fact that you always read them!

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