AF Creates Chewing Gum To Help Pop Passengers’ Ears

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Air France has a new product, and it’s not a premium economy cabin. It’s a chewing gum.

No, we’re not just blowing bubbles here. The airline and its advertising agency had passenger comfort in mind when they conceived a new product -- ‘La Gomme à Mâcher’ -- a branded chewing gum designed to help travellers ease ear pressure pain during takeoff and landing.

Passengers often bring their own gum, and airlines often hand out hard candies for the same reason. It's a medical fact that one way to alleviate pressure from altitude change is to encourage chewing or sucking.

La Gomme à Mâcher comes in two French-themed flavors, pistachio-macaron and crème brûlée. It is made in France with 100% natural products.

The airline will distribute the gum before take-off on flights from CDG to LAX, SFO and MEX. Air France lounges at CDG and ORY airports in Paris will also offer the gum.

Consumers can also purchase the gum at AF’s e-commerce boutique.


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