Fit For A Druglord: Escobar’s Mexican Mansion Now A Luxury Hotel

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

For Narco fans, this is the ultimate high. The King of Cocaine’s Tulum mansion, which sat empty for the past decade, has been transformed into its former glory as a 35 room luxury five-star resort.

Escobar was a controversial figure at the forefront of the Colombian cocaine scene in the 1980s and early 1990s. He headed up the Medellín Cartel which, at the height of its operations, brought in more than $70m per day.

Artdealer Lio Malca discovered the dilapidated space and slowly began renovating it. He filled the space with stunning art work from his own collections and transformed the property has various high-end touches.

Most rooms offer waterfront access to the casa's private, pristine beach and all throughout the boutique property, hammocks hang from trees.

On site, there are also two house restaurants, a Haring-themed bar and an events space. Perfect for Scarface themed parties.

The Yucatan-inspired food is sourced locally, or, where possible, fresh from Casa Malca's garden.

Rooms begin at $645 CAD.  

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