Passenger Takes ‘Home Of The Bare Fare’ A Little Too Literally

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Budget carrier Spirit Airlines calls itself “the home of the bare fare,” so it probably got what was coming when a male passenger stripped naked as he boarded the plane.

Customers on an NK flight from Las Vegas (where else?) witnessed the unusual scene. 

"He removed his clothes and then approached a flight attendant," airport spokesman Chris Jones. "Metro officers were called and he was given medical attention." It’s not clear why he was given medical attention, though we can likely assume it was mental rather than physical.

The incident happened Saturday on a flight bound for OAK. The passenger was held for observation by authorities and medical personnel after what local media outlets described as a “medical episode," according to The Associated Press. 

NK ran promotional videos in 2014 that showed two young actors stripping down to their underwear, all part of a “how to” video on how fliers could pack a bag small enough to skirt the no-frills-carrier’s various bag fees

Following the incident, Spirit Airlines Flight 359 took off just 30 minutes late and made up 10 enroute, arriving just 20 minutes behind schedule. The airlines must be getting used to these incidents.

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