Greek To Me: AF Puts Pax On Wrong Flight

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

This ain't Copenhagen.

When a snoozing passenger flying to Denmark woke on landing and looked through the window, she was surprised to see Greek lettering on signs at Copenhagen airport.

There was a good reason for that. The woman wasn’t in Copenhagen. She had landed in Athens, having boarded a flight to the Greek capital by mistake.

Air France, the carrier at the centre of this embarrassing blunder, is now investigating how it happened.

According to a report carried by Gulf-based news site Emirates 24/7, Brazilian Ana Maria Bitten court Marques departed CDG last week believing she was on the way to CPH. Instead, she found herself in ATH after being given the wrong boarding pass.

The name on the pass was completely different: Marie-Christine Midavaine, a passenger flying to Greece.

Marques didn’t notice the wrong name. The AF agent at the departure gate didn’t notice either, despite looking at her boarding pass and passport.

A shocked Air France later flew Marques to Copenhagen through a connecting flight in Luxembourg. We’re not sure where Marie-Christine Midavaine ended up. A probe is underway.

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