Cleanup At Carousel 3: Suitcases Showered By Stinky Sewage

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Now that’s a crappy start to a Music City vacation.

For the second time in 18 months, pax arriving at BNA have discovered to their disgust that an airport plumbing problem left their suitcases sprayed with sewage.

WN says at least 200 of its passenger’s checked bags were contaminated in an incident that followed someone stuffing paper towels into an upstairs toilet. The blocked loo overflowed and poured its contents through the floor, sending toilet water and sewage splashing down onto a baggage carousel below.

The airport called in a rapid-response clean-up crew to cleanse and sanitize the bags, CBS Philadelphia reported. But WN said it would replace some of the bags and suitcases – presumably those that took the biggest hit.

Affected passengers were shocked to learn that a similar incident had happened in June last year at the same airport.

“Second time? Oh no, there would be some backlash on that. I mean, accidents happen but that’s a big accident,” said traveller Joe Carlucci. “Second time that has happened? First time that’s OK, but a second time?”

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