When In Advertising Doubt, Use Scantily-Clad Flight Attendants

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

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Kazakhstan-based travel agency Chocotravel is under fire after its latest ad campaign featured nearly-nude models posing as flight attendants, with nothing but a company scarf to cover their undercarriage.

The ad presents a line-up of seven models, with one strangely purring: “Chocotravel does not demand anything unnecessary from you.” That’s good of them. We really hate when companies demand unnecessary things. 

Many found the campaign to be a turn-off, with some commenting on social media that they would be deterred from flying with the airline due to its ‘shallow’ views.

ChocoTravel employee Nurken Rzaliyev defended his company on Facebook, saying: "There's definitely no sexism. Opinions were divided, but attention was made to the problem of high ticket prices.” Huh? How?

The company returned to its theme with a follow-up campaign depicting nearly naked male pilots.

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