Family In Matching Minnie Mouse Shirts Barred From MAN Lounge

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Airport lounge operator Swissport has apologized for a 'genuine mistake' after a family was turned away from one of its lounges for the apparent fashion crime of wearing matching Minnie Mouse t-shirts.

The family of six, travelling to Walt Disney World, had paid $160 for access to the Aspire Lounge at MAN.

But staff told the family, which included a particularly threatening-looking two-year-old, that their personalized t-shirts didn't fit the lounge dress code, which bans “tour shirts, sportswear and fancy dress.”

The family were asked to cover up their t-shirts with other garments before they were allowed in, but later complained that shortly afterwards a man and a boy had walked in wearing Manchester United jerseys.

In a statement, Swissport said the staff member who dealt with the family was wrong to have asked them to cover their shirts and had “misinterpreted the dress code which is designed to ensure a comfortable atmosphere for all guests within our network of lounges.”

"We sincerely apologize to the family for this genuine mistake and would encourage them to contact us directly to resolve this matter," it said.

"The entire team at Manchester Aspire Lounge will be re-educated on the dress code to ensure this does not happen again."

Two of the perpetrators

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