Oh No, It’s Another Wacky Travel Pillow!

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

The unforgettable Ostrich Pillow

The less ridiculous EZzz Pillow

The EZzz Travel Pillow claims it may just change the way you sleep on flights and other forms of transportation. Uh-huh. Another one.

 The invention is the latest in a long line. Most recently in this space we featured the Jet Comfy, which had one major benefit: when you use it you don’t look quite as ridiculous as you do with the Ostrich Pillow. There’s also the SeatSnoozer, which is less pillow and more medieval restraint device.

The people at WHNT TV in Huntsville, Alabama gave the EZzz Pillow a go for their regular ‘Deal or Dud’ feature, which you can watch here.

They liked the fact that the EZzz Pillow comes in a small convenient pack so it can easily fit right into a carry-on bag. They liked that it inflates easily. But unfortunately, of several people at the TV station who tried it, none could find a comfortable position.

The consensus was unanimous: the EZzz Travel Pillow was not comfortable for the back or neck. Back to the drawing board.

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