Getting Catty: Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont Takes On A Cats-Only Hotel

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Hollywood's iconic Chateau Marmont Hotel is sharpening its claws for a trademark fight.

The famed celebrity hangout has its feathers ruffled over what it deems a trademark violation by a cats-only spa and hotel called Cateau Marmont.

The property recently issued a cease and desist letter to the small business based in the Toluca Lake neighbourhood of Los Angeles.

The hotel says it has spent nearly a century building up its brand and may pursue claims for trademark infringement, trademark dilution and unfair competition, the Hollywood Reporter says.

"The hotel, Chateau Marmont, has decided to send us a cease-and-desist letter, asking us not to use the word Marmont and to change our everything," Cateau Marmont owner Jennifer Shields told ABC7.

Cateau Marmont offers cat grooming and boarding in private bungalows. So it would be easy for potential guests of either place to confuse the two. 

Shields says she has no intention of backing down but reassured Chateau Marmont that the business has no plans to move into “hospitality services for humans.” Meow.

Interestingly, as the Hollywood Reporter points out, there is also a doggy day care centre called Chateau Marmutt which has been operating since 1999, but has never been challenged over trademark issues by the Hollywood hotel.

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