DL Sued Over Broken Teeth After Inflight Snack

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

The babaganoush bit back.

Delta Air Lines has been hit with a lawsuit after a passenger's in-flight snack allegedly resulted in thousands of dollars' worth of expensive dental work.

The woman ordered pita bread with eggplant dipping sauce on a LA-bound flight two years ago and claims there was a pebble in the sauce.

After taking a bite her front teeth were destroyed by the pebble, exposing a nerve, TMZ reports. That caused her to shriek in pain.

She then claimed flight attendants came to her aid and later offered her $80 worth of airline miles.

The lawsuit is claiming $9,999.99 for “complex dental restoration” over the course of two years.

Delta has made no official response yet to the lawsuit, which at least comes with a reasonable price tag. As we reported recently, a bride is suing American Airlines for US$3.4 million over a ruined wedding dress.

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