Toronto To Montreal In 39 Minutes? Hype Or Hyperloop?

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

The Toronto-Montreal corridor has taken the prize as one of the strongest candidates in the world for a hyperloop system that could cut travel time between the cities from five hours (by car) to just 39 minutes.

But transportation expert Martin Collier told Canadian Press that he won’t be the first to buy a ticket to ride in a bullet-shaped craft that would travel through a tube at speeds of around 1,000 kilometres per hour, four times faster than high-speed rail.

“I think I’ll be watching — if I’m still alive when it hits the ground and is ready to go,” said the founder of Transport Futures, which promotes education about transportation issues, on Friday.

“I’ll probably wait and see whether other people like it first. I’m not an early adopter.”

The YYZ-YUL route was the only Canadian winner among 10 entries chosen from hundreds in an international competition sponsored by Los Angeles-based Hyperloop One, which has a working hyperloop test system in the Nevada desert.

“The results of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge far exceeded our expectations,” said Rob Lloyd, CEO of Hyperloop One, in a statement posted on its website on Thursday.

“These 10 teams each had their unique strengths in showcasing how they will alleviate serious transportation issues in their regions... Studies like this bring us closer to our goal of implementing three full-scale systems operating by 2021.”

The timeline might be ambitious, but it’s certainly a tantalizing goal.

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