Carnival Furious Over Fake Page Claiming Free Cruises For Hurricane Victims

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Carnival cruise director and blogger John Heald is steaming mad over a fake Facebook page advertising a free Carnival cruise for hurricane victims.

The post, which was shared more than 75,000 times as of late last week, urged victims of Hurricane Harvey or Irma to contact British Carnival cruise director John Heald asking for a free cruise with the hashtag #Carnivalfamily.

The person would then be awarded with a four- to seven-night voyage of their choosing, paying “just taxes and port fees.” The post also claimed that hurricane victims would receive $100 in on-board cruise credit.

A furious Heald, who is also a popular blogger for CCL, took to Facebook to debunk the post. Heald said the Facebook user created the page in Heald’s name — and later another page in his late father’s name. In his posts, Heald called the fake Facebooker a “soulless, heartless wanker.”

“It is a fake page and we have reported the author accordingly. I know which Facebook group this originates from and I will be severing all ties with them as well,” Heald wrote on Facebook. “I have had enough now and I am sure you have as well.”

Heald revealed that he knew the man who had made the fake post, and had a few choice words for him.

“I know who he is,” Heald said in a video. “He has the brain capacity of something that lies on its back at the bottom of a pond... To do that, to hurt other people like that, you really are a bottom feeder.”

Jennifer De La Cruz, a spokeswoman for the cruise line, confirmed that the line had reported the post on Facebook. 

“It is unfortunate that there are those who do this sort of thing in the wake of such devastation and heartbreak brought on by the recent hurricanes,” she said in a statement. 

The Facebook post originated from a site called, a prank site that allows users to create fake posts with hopes of going viral on social media. Posts that get a lot of “shares” or “likes” can be sold to marketers or scammers who then target users and can trick them out of getting information.

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