Thomas Cook UK Mocks Rival TUI’s Rebranding On Social Media

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Thomas Cook UK has taken a swipe at rival Tui over the dropping of the Thomson brand.

The travel firm released a video spoof of a TV commercial produced by Tui to highlight the name change.

It uses identical images to the ‘Thomson is changing to Tui’ spot with a similar voiceover.

Thomas Cook said: “We’re not changing our name, we’d rather just focus on giving you fantastic holidays.”

The Tui ad says: “We cross the ‘T’s’, dot the ‘I’s’ and put ‘U’ in the middle.”

Thomas Cook signs off its video by saying: “We cross the ‘T’s,’ draw the ‘K’s’ and put ‘homas coo’ in the middle.”

The video, released on Cook’s Facebook page and twitter feed, emphasizes how the company has been “serving Great Britain for 176 years”.

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