Bag Fee Sparks Bomb Threat…You Know The Rest

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Even as a kid more than 40 years ago, I knew not to yell out ‘Hi Jack!’ at an airport, even if I ran into a friend with that name. But some people are slow on the uptake.

Faced with a $50 baggage fee, a Spirit Airlines passenger at New York’s LGA allegedly threw his bag on the ticket kiosk counter and said: "You keep it, and there's a bomb in it."

The 70-year old John Park then calmly walked away.

What happened next is no surprise. Park’s comment sparked a major security operation with part of the terminal on lockdown and the bomb squad called in. No explosives were found, but the early morning airport disruption lasted for two hours.

Park of Farmington, Michigan, was arrested by Port Authority police for making a bomb threat. He pleaded not guilty at a court appearance and was released without bail.

Park claimed it was all a big misunderstanding and he was only joking. "I'm Asian. We have a different humour-making culture," he said in court.

We’re pretty sure that not all Asians find the same thing funny. And we’re absolutely sure that an airport counter is not the place to try out new stand-up lines.

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