Woman Drops Phone From Cruise Ship, Attempts To Jump Overboard

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Do you think this whole phone thing has gone a bit nuts?

A woman was recently caught on camera absolutely losing her mind after accidentally dropping her cell phone overboard on a cruise on the scenic Erhai Lake in Yunnan, China.

She then fought like mad trying to jump off the ship to attempt to retrieve the device.

The attention-catching scene was filmed on a phone (of course) by a fellow passenger. For more than a minute, the distressed woman desperately tries to throw herself overboard and is only prevented from doing so by a group of five or six people who restrain her while also trying their best to talk sense into her.

In the end, the woman doesn't leap into the lake and the passenger is shamed into putting his own cell phone down by the woman's friends, and claims that he wasn't actually filming in the first place.

Workers went out in a boat to try to find the woman’s phone, with no success. Where the phone fell in the water was about 7 metres deep.

On China’s Weibo, one wag wrote that the woman wasn't really upset about losing her phone, but about losing the ability to send photos and videos to her friends' circle on WeChat.

"Without that what's the sense of travelling?"

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