Inflight Safety Briefing Gets A ‘Sexy’ Spin

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

The safety demonstration on an aircraft tends to be pretty boring stuff, especially for frequent flyers.

But one Southwest Airlines attendant set his carrier apart from the competition this week by giving the safety briefing an (arguably) sexy re-sell.

Cabin crew-member Nicholas Demore was working on flight 1597 from Dallas to Las Vegas when he delivered a sultry rendition of the evacuation procedures -- delighting pax and becoming an internet star in the process. 

Footage of the incident, filmed by passenger Samantha Lynch Kintner, shows the campy employee pouting, shaking his hips and writhing around as he explains emergency protocol.

At one point, Demore can be seen acting coquettishly with the seat belt, which he throws behind his head before extending it suggestively. Winking at his captive audience, he then pulls out the laminated safety document and uses it to fan himself while posing seductively.

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