Indian Hotel Guest Stole 120 TV Sets

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

A prolific Indian thief has been arrested by police after swiping an estimated 120 television sets from hotels across southern India during a four-month spree.

Vasudev Nanaiah is accused of stealing the in-room TVs from numerous budget hotels after checking in as a guest.

Police said the 34-year-old never raised suspicions as he was very well behaved and usually checked out early after paying upfront.

He simply walked out of the hotels with the TV inside an oversized bag, Chetan Singh Rathor, deputy commissioner of Bangalore police told AFP.

"We arrested him earlier this month when he was trying to sell TV sets to a shopkeeper, who alerted the police," Rathor said.

If the TV was too large for his bag, he would simply go out and buy a larger suitcase, police said.

After his arrest, police managed to recover 20 TVs and found he had dozens of other suitcases in various states which they believe were used to steal about 100 more TVs over the four-month period.

Nanaiah told investigators he targeted hotels as they were “relatively low risk and easy.”

"He said that his recent thefts went to fund his lawyer and legal fees for previous TV theft charges in different courts," Rathor said.

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