This Destination Wedding Was The G.O.A.T.

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Sunset at the Palms, an all-inclusive, adults-only resort in Negril, Jamaica, recently sent out an announcement proudly announcing the marriage of two resort employees, Betty and Royal Brown.

The pair are official members of the resort’s grounds-keeping crew and they met on the job earlier this year. After a whirlwind romance, the couple officially tied the knot on 25NOV during a garden ceremony attended by coworkers and resort guests.

OK, I know what you’re thinking: nice story bro, but we don’t read Deviations for wedding announcements. Where’s the weird part?

Oh, that. Well, Betty and Royal are goats.

Betty earned some attention this past spring, when she first arrived at the resort. She excelled at her duties of keeping grass, weeds and other plants properly trimmed (by gnawing on them), but she also became a highlight of the resort’s weekly nature tours and soon found herself being invited to many of the human wedding ceremonies that take place at Sunset at the Palms.

Betty was soon promoted to ‘official hostess’ for the resort, and she now accompanies guests on picnics that include two baskets of snacks – one for the humans and one for her.

With Betty busy with her new duties and being a darling of social and traditional media, Sunset at the Palms hired Royal Brown, a young billy goat, to tend to the lawns.

While Betty is described as extroverted and even ‘dog-like’ in her behaviour, Royal is more reserved around humans. But he liked what he saw in Betty, and after a brief courtship the pair was engaged in OCT.

Betty and Royal celebrated their recent nuptials in style, just as dozens of human couples do at the resort each year. The bride wore a flowing veil and the groom donned a custom-designed tuxedo jacket and bow tie. They were surrounded by lush greenery, which (being goats) they ate following the ceremony.

The pair skipped the traditional post-wedding getaway – they do live at a resort – choosing to remain on site at Sunset at the Palms. Reports are that the pair has been spending an increasing amount of time together and Betty has gained a little weight in recent weeks -- so there could be a kid in their future. We’ll keep you posted.

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