Homeless Man Finds Stash Of Cash At CDG, Takes Off

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Christmas came early for a homeless man who made off with $450,000 in cash that he found by chance at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

CCTV footage shows the man rifling through bins near to the office of transport company Loomis. Then the cameras revealed him accidentally leaning on a door leading to the company's cash depot, which security staff had mistakenly left open. 

The man, aged around 50, went into the room with his suitcase and is seen a few minutes later leaving with two large bags stuffed with cash. 

He then quickened his pace and made off to a road which is not covered by CCTV. French police continue to search for him.

Although he is unidentified, the man is known to security as one of the dozens of homeless people who move around the airport rummaging for scraps. 

The incident was described by Le Parisien newspaper as one of the biggest 'bloopers' in the history of crime.

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