Pilot Marries Flight Attendant On Last DL 747 Flight

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Love is in the air. Holly Rick and Gene Peterson considered several romantic spots for their wedding. But in the end, nothing could top 40,000 feet over Memphis.

 They tied the knot this week in the aisle of a Boeing 747 -- the plane that brought them, a flight attendant and pilot, together nine years ago in Kuwait.

 An hour after DL Flight 9771 took off from Atlanta, Rick, dressed in a beige lace dress and glittery heels, walked down a runner filled with rose petals to meet her tuxedo-clad groom. Peterson was waiting in the bulkhead row.

 They celebrated with champagne and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Then they retreated to the 747’s storied upper deck to mingle with fellow employees.

 "This is my dream wedding," Rick said. "I'm on my favourite place to be in the world."

 The couple wasn’t married on just any Delta flight. This was the airline’s final flight using the iconic 747. Not only that, Flight 9771 was the last on any Boeing 747 operated by a U.S. airline.

It departed ATL, destined for Marana's Pinal Air Park, an aircraft boneyard in the Arizona desert where planes go to retire.

 There were fewer than 50 passengers on board the 376-seat jumbo jet: the wedding party, fellow employees and a handful of reporters.

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