CX Pilot Guilty Of Scamming AC For Thousands In Free Flights

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

A Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific pilot has been convicted of scamming Air Canada out of thousands of dollars of free flights and ordered to pay restitution.

According to recently unsealed court documents, Marc Anthony Tacchi must undertake 20 hours of community service and repay Air Canada $36,551.27.

Tacchi is a 42-year-old Canadian citizen and permanent resident of Hong Kong who flies for the Cathay Dragon subsidiary.

He used a Canada-based friend who was a member of a mystery shopper scheme for Air Canada to fraudulently gain a free-flight redemption code for flights. The friend was previously convicted of related charges.

Between March and July 2013, Tacchi used the code to book free flights for himself and his family, and also helped some friends book flights. He charged one friend $400 for the 'service.'

In doing so, he also managed to accrue frequent flyer miles worth more than $500.

"The amount involved in these frauds is not insubstantial. The sole motivation for these offences was greed. The accused used a fake name and fake address when filling out forms to perpetrate some of the frauds," Judge Patrick Chen wrote.

However Judge Chen showed leniency due to Tacchi's guilty plea and “damage to his reputation.”

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