Canadian Life Raft Crashes Through Miami Woman’s Roof

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Oh, Canada.

The Canadian Forces is seeking answers after one of its military helicopters dropped an inflatable life raft that smashed a hole in the roof of a Miami home.

The Griffon search-and-rescue helicopter, normally based at Ontario’s CFB Trenton, was on a training exercise in Florida and returning to a U.S. Coast Guard air station when the uninflated raft became detached, said military spokesperson David Lavallee.

Local media report that a woman was asleep in the home when the raft came smashing through the ceiling, and that witnesses described what sounded like an explosion.

Photos from the scene show a gaping hole in the roof of what appears to be a multi-unit residence, while the bedroom where the raft apparently fell was littered with debris.

The military’s director of flight safety is now investigating how and why the raft detached from the helicopter.

The latest report says no one was injured in the accident.

A spokesperson said police were able to make immediate contact with the Canadian air force officials, whom he described as being “really up front with us” and having sent someone to the scene. The RCAF is assisting with accommodations and other needs.

While the Federal Aviation Administration, which is responsible for flight safety in the U.S., was aware of the incident, a spokesperson couldn’t immediately say whether it would launch its own investigation.

Of course the Twittersphere had plenty to say about the incident:

“Sorry about that, eh?”

“This is the most un-Canadian behaviour. I’m pretty sure they’d call round to apologize: ‘Sorry aboot the life raft falling trough your roof, eh?’”

“A canoe would have been more Canadian tho.”

“She thought it was a bomb. Turns out the Canadian Air Force just needs more practice.”

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