Flying Low: Pax Strips Down, Acts Up On Flight

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Dude, you’re on a plane, not in your basement.

The latest story of an airline passenger behaving badly comes from Asia, where a passenger on Malaysian carrier Malindo Air was arrested after stripping naked, watching porn and attacking a flight attendant. The incident occurred on a Malindo Air flight from KUL to DAC last weekend.

Problems began about 20 minutes after takeoff, when the 20-year-old man allegedly took off his clothes and began watching pornography on his laptop. Passengers also alleged lewd behaviour and some not-safe-for-work photos have since circulated that claim to show scenes from the flight.

One passenger told Malaysia’s Sun newspaper that the man “stripped naked and started watching porn on his laptop, ignoring all those around him. The cabin crew approached him and politely asked him to put on his clothes. He complied with their request. A short while later there was some commotion at the toilet area and it turned out that he was harassing a stewardess."

The Straits Times of Singapore offered more details, writing that “witnesses alleged that the man had also walked to the toilet undressed and that the man urinated on his seat.” The Star adds that “because the situation could not be controlled, the man was restrained by other passengers on the plane who tied up his hands with a piece of cloth.”

Malindo Air addressed the situation with a statement on its Facebook page, saying the unruly flier was taken into custody by officials and jailed after landing in Bangladesh.

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