Poetic Airline Compliant Earns A Rhyming Response

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

DY staff not only look cool, they write poems.

The internet can’t get enough of an airline’s clever response to a passenger’s unique complaint. 

Passenger Gus Dolding took to Facebook to criticize budget airline Norwegian Air about an extra fee he was charged on a recent flight. But the 27-year-old musician had a unique way of expressing his opinions — in the form of a poem.

He wrote:

“Why can’t you be fair
Norwegian Air
No headphones do you include
Nine hours with no free food.”

The passenger then described how he was frustrated by having to pay a 120-euro ($190) fee to change the name on his flight ticket after an error.

“I admit it was wrong to put his first name as Bill
William Edward Gabriel, the seat who’s bum will fill
One hundred and twenty euros for what?
For two minutes of typing that’s rather a lot.
Why can’t you be fair
Norwegian Air
Just skip that amendment fee
And just let us change it for free.”

The poem sparked a flurry of likes and shares on Facebook and also attracted the attention of Norwegian Air, which issued a poem of its own in reply.

“Dear Gus,

We understand all the fuzz
We try our best to reduce all the buzz
But fear not because
We do not throw anyone under the bus
Especially not a person like you
Since diamonds in this world are so few.”

The poem continued:

“We are sorry for any inconvenience that may have occurred
It can seem like our vision is sometimes blurred
But I can promise you that we try to fly like a bird.”

The airline’s customer care staff aren’t likely to be named poet laureate anytime soon, but the rhyming reply was a hit on Facebook, with many praising the move as “brilliant.”

Mr Dolding also confirmed the Norwegian Air had agreed to waive the fee, and thanked the airline for being fair.

In a statement, Norwegian Air said: “Our customer care team are on hand to support more than 30 million passengers flying with Norwegian each year, and this poem shows they are also a flexible, clever and creative group of people. “We’re delighted to resolve the customer’s issue in a playful way that shows that a little lightheartedness can go a long way.”

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