World’s Strangest Hotel? Spend A Night In A Massive Colon

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Originally a cheeky piece of art, the one-room ‘boutique’ Hotel CasAnus is a giant intestinal model that allows guests to spend a cozy night inside a massive colon. And why would anyone want to do that, you ask? Sorry, we’re at a loss.

Resting in the Verbeke Foundation Art Park near Antwerp, Belgium, the oversized anatomical model was the work of Dutch designer Joep van Lieshout. The slim, curved interior of the furnished anus (did I just write ‘furnished anus?’) features a double bed, windows, heating, and of course, working plumbing.

The exterior of the room is sculpted with bulging veins and a giant, puckered sphincter (non-functional, thankfully) on one end. The colossal tube seems out of place in the idyllic art park, near a placid pond.

But despite the imagery that some admittedly find disgusting, visitors still flock to spend the night in the big colon, which is also surrounded by pleasing sights including black swans and an unobstructed view of the night sky.

Hotel Casanus is somewhere between theme bed and breakfast and gross-out stunt tourism, but whatever the draw, guests can’t help butt visit.   

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