Woman Pax Dries Underwear Under Plane’s Air Vent

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

We’ve seen some egregious violations of etiquette in the air, from pax trimming fingernails to placing bare feet in the space between seats. Here’s a new one for your head-shaking enjoyment.

A passenger on a plane in Russia caught video of a woman drying what appears to be children's underwear under the plane's air vent. According to the video's description, she held the underwear up to the vents for about 20 minutes, and nobody complained. 

"The flight attendants laughed," a fellow passenger reported. 

 Passengers were puzzled but remained silent as the woman, flying from Antalya in Turkey to Moscow, unashamedly held the undies in the air for around 20 minutes.

The video shows her flipping the briefs over every now and again to ensure they were fully dried.

Other passengers said she did not seem embarrassed by her unusual behaviour onboard the Ural Airlines flight.

"Everybody was looking with interest and confusion, but everybody remained silent," one passenger said, according to the Daily Mail UK.

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