Two Distinct Reviews Of The 17-Hour PER-LON Flight

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

The Sun's Jacob Lewis settles in.

Reviews by passengers and media of last weekend’s new Qantas Dreamliner nonstop Perth-London flight have been generally positive, with a notable exception.

While a New Zealand journalist travelling in business class was full of praise, a UK writer stuck in economy had a very different experience. Let’s compare their comments:

Business Class Journalist: “Qantas’ service is top notch: cabin crew are all friendly and attentive and nothing is too much bother,” writer New Zealand Herald writer Alex Robertson said.

Economy Class Journalist: The London Sun’s Jacob Lewis wrote: “While a gaggle of excited Australian press turn left into a world of champagne and lie-flat ‘suite’ beds, I venture right, into the familiar kingdom of screaming kids and aching bottoms.” He added that after spending 17 hours in the air, “I’m convinced that I am breathing more farts than air.”

Business Class Journalist: “Food is excellent and the Neil Perry menus are tasty, filling and healthy.” The seat unfolds into a lie-flat bed “with plenty of room to stretch out,” Robertson noted.

Economy Class Journalist: Lewis complained that his back was aching after eight hours, the food was “painfully bland” and “the quiet cabin is a problem if you want to attend the toilet silently.” (Attend the toilet?)

A commenter on a story by eGlobal Travel Media’s Peter Needham on the conflicting reviews sided with the poor scribbler stuck in economy. ‘AgentGerko’ wrote:

“Congrats to the one journo who speaks the truth. Simply put, there is no such thing as a pleasant flight when you’re talking 17 hours cramped into an Economy seat.”

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