Man Sues Disney, Claiming He Was Bitten By Rat

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

The mouse that roared.

A man is suing Disney after claiming he was bitten by a rat at Magic Kingdom. Is he sure it wasn’t a mouse?

According to a lawsuit, the rat attack took place back in 2014 while 59-year-old Galen Haldeman and his wife were in a gift shop at the park, WESH reported.

The lawsuit was filed in Orange County last week, nearly four years after the incident. The plaintiffs are seeking $15,000 in damages. The suit alleges that Haldeman was pushing his wife Carol in her wheelchair through the store when a rodent started scampering up one of the wheels.

"Just as the rat was about to bite into Carol's arm, Galen grabbed the rat and yanked it off the chair. As he did so, the rat bit into one of Galen's fingers," the suit claims.

A Disney employee then ran over and asked people not to take any photographs, the lawsuit says.

"As a result of Disney's negligence, Galen Haldeman was bitten by this rat and has been beset with debilitating medical problems ever since."

 There’s no description of the “debilitating medical problems,” but it’s nothing $15K won’t clear up!

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