Drunk Tourist Climbs Mountain In Search Of His Hotel

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

The Igloo Bar & Restaurant

An Estonian tourist, known only as Pavel, got a little too drunk while vacationing at Cervinia, a resort in Italy's Valle d'Aosta. 

When it was time to head back to his hotel, Pavel tottered out of a bar and headed back to his hotel. At least he thought he was headed back to his hotel, but his sense of direction may have been somewhat compromised.

Pavel took a snow-covered street that led him to a ski run. Between 2 and 3 a.m., Italian newspaper La Stampa reported, the hapless yet determined drunk managed to trudge his way up a mountainside until he was about a mile and a half above sea level.

His internal GPS may not have been fully functioning, but Pavel eventually found refuge – in a bar! He broke into the Igloo Bar & Restaurant, where a search party found him peacefully sleeping on a bench the next morning.

Prost Pavel!.

Bruce Parkinson

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