Need A Baggage Carousel? LHR T1 Contents Auctioned Off

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

See anything you like?

Flight fans can grab a slice of travel history as the contents of a disused LHR terminal are being auctioned off.

Want to own your own passport control desk? How about a baggage carousel for your home? You’re sure to be the first on the block.

Heathrow's Terminal 1 was a major transport hub during the advent of the Jet Age, but this icon of global travel has been out of use since 2015. 

As preparation for its regeneration gets underway, an auction of fixtures and fittings is taking place at Terminal 5 on 21APR, followed by an opportunity to bid online.

Terminal 1 was opened in 1968 by Queen Elizabeth II -- and at its peak, over nine million pax passed through the terminal's gates each year. CNN reports that it hasn't been used for three years, but all the usual features of an airport -- baggage carousels, security equipment and arrival and departure signs -- are still there.

The initial sale, aimed more at aviation enthusiasts -- will offer memorabilia, such as the classic illuminated signs and plastic seating that kit out a terminal. Subsequent auctions will focus on the bigger assets including moving sidewalks and baggage carousels.

Art and auction expert Ivan Macquiston, who is advising sellers CA Global Partners (CAGP) on the auction, says it's an unprecedented move.

"I've been involved in this business some 20 years really [...] and I'd say it is certainly one of the most unusual sales I've ever come across," he tells CNN Travel.

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