Korean Air's Misbehaving Sisters Stepping Down

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Korean Air's unruly siblings (twisted sisters?) are stepping down from their positions as executives with the airline. Heather Cho and younger sister Cho Hyun-min are relinquishing their posts with immediate effect, said their father, Korean Air Lines Co Ltd Chairman Cho Yang Ho.

Cho senior said he hoped the company would 'turn over a new leaf' with new management. He could perhaps start by hiring outside the family.

Cho Hyun-min, a senior vice-president, is currently under investigation for allegedly throwing water at an executive of Korean Air's ad agency. Her sister Heather Cho gained notoriety for the 'nut rage' incident, forcing a flight back to the gate at New York because she was irked at being served macadamia nuts in a package rather than a china plate.

She was accused of humiliating cabin crew, forcing them to beg for forgiveness, and was briefly jailed for the incident.

"As chairman of Korean Air as well as a father, I am terribly sorry for my daughter's misstep. Everything is my responsibility and fault," he said in a statement.

Bruce Parkinson

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