Coffin Talk? Bangkok Café Offers “Death Awareness” With Your Latte

Kerry Sharpe, Open Jaw

This takes meeting up for a coffee to a whole other level.

A café in Bangkok – the Kid Mai Death Café – is a Buddhist exhibition that lures patrons in with cookies and icy refreshments in exchange for a “death awareness” experience that invites you to climb into a coffin, sit back and relax as the lid slides shut over you.

Understandably, many customers freak out and refuse to get in. Others timidly agree and emerge, three minutes later.

Along with the white coffin perched on a raised platform next to the café’s tables, there’s also a life-size skeleton sprawled on a sofa.

Created by an assistant professor writing his PhD thesis in philosophy and religion at a local university, he asks customers to write in the café's notebook about their death awareness experience, and design their own funeral – which the café is also willing to host – by selecting a coffin from a photo album.

While your time in the coffin is free, you will need to pay for your coffee.

Kerry Sharpe

Kerry Sharpe Columnist

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