First-Class Pax Ousted For Bringing Drinks To Pals In Economy

Kerry Sharpe, Open Jaw

When a first-class passenger on an American Airlines flight earlier this month tried to share the spoils of life at the front of the plane with his pals sitting back in economy, things quickly devolved.

It sounds rather benign, except not only does it break a federal law, by all accounts the man also had a few too many before even arriving at the airport.

After the group had ignored the gate agent who told them they had too much cabin baggage and had to check some items, they apparently “sauntered down the jetway,” colourful language and attitude, and proceeded to board the plane anyway.

Once the man up in first was seated, he ordered a pre-departure double shot on ice, which he tossed back before ordering two more of the same – a grand total of six shots of alcohol before the plane’s door had even closed. 

When he tried to take those extra drinks back to his friends in economy, saying that he was en route to the washroom, a flight attendant intervened, sending him back to the washrooms in his section. When that didn’t work, he texted his friends who then went up to the first-class cabin to collect their drinks, but alas were foiled again.

An argument ensued and next thing you know the first-class man was booted from the flight. His friends back in economy, meanwhile, continued on their merry way… less their free cocktails, mind you.

Kerry Sharpe

Kerry Sharpe Columnist

Having worked in travel for the last 16 years, Kerry has experience covering the industry as media, as well as being under its lens when she worked for Thomas Cook, TravelBrands and itravel2000. A new mom, Kerry recently returned to the workforce and when she’s not chasing after her daughter, you’ll see her out and about covering industry events alongside her new BFF Tina the Travel Agent.

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