UA Flight Attendants Get Scolding From Boss

Kerry Sharpe, Open Jaw
Many people can relate to hitting ‘send’ on an email that they didn’t actually intend to send out, or that went to the wrong recipients.

The same holds true for United Airlines VP of inflight operations, John Slater, who sent an email to the airlines flight attendants for their attire and personal grooming in a draft email that accidentally found its way into his sent folder.

Critiquing the FAs skirt lengths, wrinkled clothing and old shoes, the email suggested that their appearance may be hurting the airline’s brand.

 “Remember how sharp we all looked the day we were pinned with our wings? We need to regain that passion for excellence,” said Slater in his email. “Common deviations we see are skirts that are too high, wearing of non-uniform or worn out footwear, wrinkled or stained uniform shirts, and personal grooming issues.”

That list was scrapped in a revised memo that was sent out in a second email from Slater – one that was slightly less critical in tone and written in collaboration with the flight attendants’ union.

Kerry Sharpe

Kerry Sharpe Columnist

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