Disgusting Tourist Tricks: Leg Shaving In A Hotel Pool

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Could we have a collective ‘ewwww’ please? A video shared on Reddit has revealed a female guest shaving her legs in a busy hotel pool.

As several children swim within a metre’s distance of her, the woman passes the razor up her calves and thighs, while sitting on the pool steps.

No other guests appear to bat an eyelid at the behaviour, apart from the person filming the clip.

It is not known where the photo was taken but since it was posted by a user called Screwsausage it has been upvoted more than 50,000 times and attracted more than 1,653 comments.

One commenter said: “That is so disgusting. “Imagine the inadvertent gulp of water that sometimes happens when you’re swimming…with all the shaved hair in it.”

Another added: “Even worse, she nicks herself with the razor and now there's blood in the pool and she's bound to get an infection.”

But while the footage is shocking for most viewers, seasoned public pool staff claim that it was just a drop in the ocean compared to what they witness on a regular basis.

One commenter called Muh_feelz said: “I used to work at a public pool and for whatever reason they attract the worst of humanity. “I would never swim in a public pool after that experience.”


Bruce Parkinson

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