Queen Elizabeth Packs An Unusual Item When Travelling

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Queen Elizabeth: Have blood, will travel.

Here is a whole new meaning to the acronym ‘BYOB.’

With 130 countries visited since assuming the throne in 1952, 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth is the most well-travelled monarch in British history. So it makes sense that she and her entourage have fine-tuned the art of packing for her trips. However, one item that she never travels without is rather surprising.

That item is a personal pack of blood.

The health of the monarch is of course of major importance, and if the Queen is visiting a country where a reliable blood supply is questionable then a pack of her own blood will be included, always following in the convoy. This is in case a blood transfusion should be necessary without Queen Elizabeth’s health being jeopardized.  

Emergencies will be responded to right away as the Queen’s doctor is always nearby when she travels. The medical practitioner is a Royal Navy doctor and the Telegraph reports that he always carries a bulky medical bag containing a mobile defibrillator and emergency medicine.

The doctor will also have carefully researched where the nearest hospital is to the monarch at all times.

Bruce Parkinson

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