Last Picture Show: Selfie-Obsessed Tourists Keep Dying

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Dude, there's a train coming.

Is there something about holding a smartphone in their hands that causes people’s brains to fall out? Just asking, because the number of selfie-related injuries and deaths is truly alarming. And sad.

Most recently a couple, believed to be from Britain and Australia, plunged to their death from a wall overlooking a Portuguese tourist beach, having apparently lost their balance while taking a selfie.

An account in the Guardian said officials suspected the man and woman had been taking a selfie on a wall above the beach when they toppled over and plunged 60 metres onto the sand below. A mobile phone had been found on the wall, and everything suggested “the victims might have been taking a selfie, when they allowed the phone to fall, leaned over to grab it and fell.”

Wikipedia has a depressingly long page titled List of selfie-related injuries and deaths. People have been hit by trains, fallen out of trains, electrocuted themselves on top of trains, shot themselves, hit and killed pedestrians while driving, fallen into a volcano…the list goes on – and all while taking selfies. One dim bulb barely survived after trying to take a selfie with a rattlesnake. 

Bruce Parkinson

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