Spain’s Magaluf Wants To Curb ‘Drunkenness Tourism’

Bruce Parkinson, Open Jaw

Infamous for its scenes of drunken debauchery, especially among British tourists on cheap packages, the Majorcan resort of Magaluf is introducing new measures to cut down on 'drunkenness tourism' by banning free alcohol offers and putting a limit on the amount people on all-inclusive hotel packages can drink.

The restrictions come on the heels of a 49% drop in searches for the destination, driven by negative publicity.

Calvià council said it believed culling 'drunkenness tourism' was the answer to winning back travellers. A council spokesman said: "The town hall of Calvià is taking measures to put a halt to drunkenness tourism whose culture is basically the excessive consumption of alcohol, that comes from aggressive offers made by some bars and establishments.

"One of the actions that has been carried out is to request that the all-inclusive offer is regulated in the sense that it ought to include quality parameters, and that the consumption of free alcohol is eliminated.

"An information campaign for hotel and leisure establishments has taken place, reminding them of the responsibilities they have when serving alcoholic beverages to their customers."

One bar owner told the Daily Star: "To us, excessive drinking doesn't mean people can't get drunk and have a good time. But taking steps to stop the all-you-can-drink offers in bars and at the all-inclusive hotels makes sense."

Last week, Spanish police warned visitors about the risk of being robbed by gangs that stalk resorts looking for sozzled tourists around the popular Punta Ballena strip. There have also been reported incidents of prostitutes robbing British tourists.

Bruce Parkinson

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